Sol generation Signee Benson Mutual well known as Bensoul is in mourning following the death of his mother.

The singer shared the devastating news with his fans during a live concert where he revealed that his mother Suzanna passed on last week.

During the concert, he dedicated one of his songs to her With a heavy heart, he urged the audience to join him in honouring his late mother. He requested the crowd to sing Suzanna with passion.

“Rest in peace to my mama. She left us last week. Time to celebrate her. Her name is Suzanna. So you will sing Suzanna with passion. Isn’t it?” Bensoul said. 

In a past interview with The Trend, Bensoul said he knew his songs were a hit if his mum told him about them.

"I never talk to her about them or send her a link, if she finds out I have a new song out and its amazing, thats how I know that that was an amazing song."

Mama Bensoul made a debut on Sol Generations reality show 'Sol Family.' At one point, she spoke about Bensoul's TB infection.

In a past interview on Sol Generations YouTube channel, Bensoul opened up about his family and revealed that his father tried to discourage him from making music before abandoning them for refusing to change their religion. 

According to Bensoul’s mother, their child’s passion for music caused a lot of tension between her and the husband before he finally walked away. “My husband left us because he wanted me to convert to Islam. He said that if they did not convert to Islam, they would not be associated with him. Ben Sol learning music was a tussle between me and his father,” she said.

Condolences to the family and may her soul rest in peace.