The family of the late Kevin has won a court case against his baby mama and her mother. This will allow Kevin's family to bury him,  While his baby mama will bury their daughter Erica.

According to Kevin's girlfriend Muffin Mungai, the verdict was delivered today after months of waiting and the two can now rest in peace.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Kelvin, Erica and Muffin Mungai 

Kevin was going to Mombasa with his daughter Erica, his girlfriend Muffin and her best friend Shan Wanita.

The two met their untimely death on September 17, 2023 after being involved in a car accident along Mombasa road. The accident also claimed the life of Instagram model Shan Wanita.

Due to the trauma Muffin Mungai, the survivor, underwent, the details leading up to the disaster remained somewhat fuzzy.

Moreover, she claimed that the car abruptly lost control, and chaos resulted. The car began to roll over, the tires squealing and the metal grinding against the road.

Additionally, Muffin was thrown out of the window as the car rolled, and her entire world began to spin out of control.

Later, she noticed Shan Wanita and Kevin’s lifeless bodies among the wreckage and the darkness. When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, Erica had already been taken to the hospital with critical injuries.

Kevin, Erica, and Shan Wanita died due to their injuries despite the heroic efforts of first responders and medical professionals.

I'm a previous interview, Muffin Mungai shared that  Erica’s mother, who was never in the picture, came from nowhere and claimed to have been rightfully married to Kevin and was given the permit to Kevin’s body. She and her mother, Cate, denied Kevin’s grandmother the right to bury her grandson and insisted on burying him at Langata cemetery.

The matter was taken to court and the body had been restricted from being buried until the case was settled.

Kevin's grandmother will get to bury her grandson at his home beside his mother’s grave.

May their souls rest in peace.