Kenyan content cartel Kennedy Odhiambo popularly known as Crazy Kennar is in mourning following the death of his newborn son.

Crazy Kennar shared the devastating news with his audience during the happy country show.

He revealed that he lost the newborn four days ago and it has been tough dealing with the loss while at the same time working on the show.

While addressing the audience he shared the importance of checking on one another since people have different things they are dealing with despite showing happy faces on social media or even in public.

"Unfortunately my son died four days ago. It has been a very tough journey for me. We had to go through that and at the same time make the show. So my word as happy citizens is that whenever you see somebody walking while smiling, go and ask them if they are okay or not. Let's be our brothers and sisters keepers let's love one another."

A dedicated mental health ambassador, the comedian has shown unbreakable steadfastness in promoting mental wellbeing and abolishing depression amongst the youth. He has been using 'Happy Country' to promote emotional wellness.

Crazy Kennar is in a relationship with Natalie Asewe and the two have been together for years considering they are childhood friends.

Condolences to Kennar and Natalie and may the young soul rest in peace.