Residents of Nthangariri village, Embu county were left in shock after a young teacher identified as Dennis Mukono Mwaniki took his own life after he was rejected by his ex girlfriend.

His body was found in the house a day after inviting his friends to an event on valentine's day.

Dennis Mwaniki popularly known as Mukono had posted on his Facebook wall: "Evening Members when you are stressed you just need one friend to share with, meanwhile I invite you to my function on 14/2/2024 welcome all."

His friends alerted the police after attempts to reach him through the phone bore no fruits.

The police broke the door to gain entry into the house and they found Mwaniki lying dead on his bed with no physical injuries except blood and white substance oozing from the nose.

According to a note left behind, the teacher remarked that he could not envision seeing the girl fall in love with someone else hence the decision to take his own life.

The teacher  directed that his burial should be on velantine's day February 14. Mwaniki indicated in the note the mobile number of a woman who he instructed should read his eulogy.

He stated in the suicide note that he was heartbroken after the woman he picked to read the eulogy declined his marriage proposal. "I promised to love you till my last breath," said Mwaniki.

He also directed that a picture left in the house to be used in the funeral programme. "All my property to be distributed to my children if any, I may look stupid but I have shared my stress with 17 but none talked to me, let's meet in heaven."

The deceased further asked the Embu County Assembly Speaker Josiah Thiriku and Nthawa MCA to spearhead funeral arrangements.