Popular Mugithi singer Carol Katrue has been hospitalised. Katrue shared photos and videos on social media while in hospital receiving treatment.

In one of the videos, she had a drip on her hand.

She also seemed to be in pain unlike her normal cheerful self.

The singer however did not reveal the cause of her illness.

This also comes at a time when her husband, gengetone and Mugithi artist Peter Miracle Baby is in the hospital.

Miracle Baby has been hospitalized since January 16, 2024, when he was rushed for medical attention.

At the time, Katrue shared that her child's father underwent surgery due to ruptured intestines.

She mentioned that the musician would need to use a tube to go to the restroom for six weeks because a portion of his intestines was protruding outside of his body.

The mother of one remarked that Miracle Baby would need to undergo another surgical procedure in the future to reposition the rest of his intestines inside his body.

On Tuesday, February 6. She revealed that he was set to undergo the third surgery.

In a heartfelt message to their fans, Carol requested prayers for the upcoming surgery

"Going for the third surgery, we need prayers."

Quick recovery Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue.