Digital content creator and professional photographer, Baba Talisha has shared an emotional video on social media about his beloved daughter Talisha.

The Tik Toker broke down on camera as he opened up about Talisha's health.

With tears in his eyes, Baba Talisha took to his social media platforms to share the heartbreaking news that his daughter, Talisha, might only see with one eye.

"Today, I am so heartbroken," expressed Baba Talisha. "I just found out that my daughter could only see me with one eye. One of her brain nerves for sight was tampered with. I just did not expect that... It's painful walking with her, knowing my little girl...I will always live with regrets of why.. why did we even leave home in the first place." he wrote.

The emotional disclosure left him grappling with profound sorrow and regret, reflecting on a tragic accident that changed their lives forever.

In August 2020, Baba Talisha and his now late wife left the house to go for a photoshoot with a client. They also took some beautiful photos of themselves for framing and hanging in the house.

After their photoshoot Baba Talisha and his family were on their way home when they were involved in a car accident.

Along Thika road, Baba Talisha who was driving the car bumped into stationary vehicles and everything went silent.

After hours of being trapped in the wreckage good samaritans helped take his daughter to a hospital, four hours later.

His 22-year-old wife was confirmed dead.

Baby Talisha on the other hand was put on emergency treatment and soon after referred to KNH hospital for specialized management.

Baby Talisha was transferred to KNH hospital where she was immediately put on life care support at Paediatric ICU (PICU) for more than 20days.

In a previous interview, Baba Talisha revealed that his daughter has been in therapy since then as she lost her memory after a brain injury. This consequently affected all her milestones, which retrogressed to zero.