Kenyan rapper Stephen Otieno Adera Popularly known with his stage name Stevo Simple Boy, is in mourning following the untimely death of his video vixen Star Adema.

The musician shared the devastating news with his fans on social media, where he revealed how he met the video vixen.

He went ahead to thank her for accepting to work with him and Juma Boy.

"Nilifanya kwa roho yangu yote kusupport msanii Juma Boy na wewe pia ulikubali kuskia wito ukakuja ukakuwa Vixen kwa ngoma yetu," he captioned.

"Week moja sahi after video shoot naskia umekufa hauko tena na mimi. Hii imenivunja sana moyo, siko sawa sitakuona tena. Nilikosea wapi Mungu wangu @star_adema REST IN PEACE."

The musician then shared a video of the latest song he did where Star was the vixen.

In the song 'Sherehe' Simple Boy had been featured by musician Juma Boy.

"Hii ndio song vixen mkubwa wa Kenya alishoot ya mwisho kabla akufe. Full video iko kwa account ya Youtube ya @jumaboy_j.b. Imeniuma sana," he said.

Stafriza Adema, was found dead in mysterious circumstances. She was last online at 11PM on the day she passed away. Allegedly, her roommate returned from a nightclub at 3AM and discovered her lifeless body, prompting her to alert the security. Adema, who was a student at Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) and had dreams of becoming a model and video vixen, has left her brother devastated. He expressed his grief on Facebook, promising to always miss her and feeling like he failed to protect her. 

The cause of her sudden death remains unclear, and a post-mortem examination will be carried out to determine what happened.

Condolences to family and friends and may her soul rest in peace.