Chiki Kuruka Clears the Air on Her Alleged Open Marriage With Bien

16th Sep 2022

Vybez radio presenter Chiki Kuruka has cleared the rumours on her alleged open marriage with Sautisol lead singer Bien.

Chiki said that people misunderstood what her husband said and it was bad reporting, further disclosing that Bien did not say their marriage was open.

"He never said that, again that was just bad reporting. He said two things. The first was on the family where I went to Ghana and met Idris Elba, so first, you have to understand me and Bien’s sense of humour, he was like you met Idris Elba and you didn’t smash? It was a joke,”

She further explained that when Bien talked about giving her the freedom to do what she wants, he didn’t mean that she is allowed to violate the boundaries of their marriage.

Bien had initially done interviews where he mentioned giving his partner freedom to do whatever she want and netizens took it as a hint that the musician is in an open marriage.