Dorea Chege Discloses Threats Caused Her to Drop Out of Nairobi Women Rep Race

05th Aug 2022

Maria actress Dorea Chege has disclosed that she dropped out of the Nairobi Womens'representative race due to the constant threats she was receiving.

Speaking on an interview with Buzz Central, the actress said she has high ambitions in politics as she is a natural born leader but since she wasn't ready to deal with the threats, she decided to quit.

Dorea added that in numerous occasions she received calls where some politicians were willing to bribe her inorder to step down while others asked her to support them.

"People approached me and they told me they are willing to give me a certain amount of money for me to step down, while others wanted me to help them with campaigns, I was not sure of what I wanted plus I wasn’t ready to deal with all those threats, so I backed out."

The decision to join politics for her started as a joke when her videographer made political posters for her and when they went viral, she decided to follow through.

Although she decided to quit this time, Dorea Chege's political dreams are not over and she is ready to try next time.