Dorea Chege Shares Details of Her Relationship With DJ Dibul, Reveals She Has Dated Older Men in the Past

21st Sep 2022

Maria actress Dorea Chege popularly known as Maggie, has shared the details of her relationship with DJ Dibul.

The couple had a one on one conversation on their YouTube channel where they answered questions and revealed more information about their past relationships.

The two disclosed that they fell in love on their first date, after Dorea slid into Dibul's DMs.

"We met at Ibis Styles, we stayed together for several hours, and I drove him home in his car. When we got to his house, he started touching me, and that's how I knew I was in love."

On the question of exes, Dorea said she would go back to her campus boyfriend however he is married and with kids while Dibul said he wouldn't go back to any of his Exgirlfriend.

Dorea revealed that she was in one serious relationship that lasted five years but didn't work out. She added that all her life she has dated older men. Responding to the same, Dibul said he has been in three serious relationships and have also dated older women in the past.

The couple believe that they are fit for each other, they share clothes and toothbrushes and can't spend an entire month without each other.