Husband to Kiambu Co-wives Living in the Same House Shares Details of Their Perfect Polygamous Marriage

03rd Aug 2022

Abraham Mwangi, the man who gained popularity after details of his perfect polygamous marriage has been keeping his fans updated on his family life where his two wives Maureen Njeri and Grace Wacera live in the same house.

The story was first aired on a YouTube channel and later several interviews were conducted since Kenyans were interested in knowing Abraham's side of the story.

The computer engineer was faithfully married to his wife Grace Wacera but later fell in love with Maureen Njeri after years of working together professionally. After a couple of coffee dates, Maureen conceived and gave birth to their first child.

His first wife came to know about the relationship later and Maureen often visited the house until one day she slept over while Abraham was away and when he returned they all agreed to live together.

According to Abraham, he built their five-bedroomed mansionette to accommodate his big family and ensure each one of them enjoy their privacy. He has his own bedroom and the two wives have their bedrooms, and he gets to choose where to spend the night.

In a previous interview he noted he respects both of them and is willing to support and protect them. He added that he likes Cerah's ability to deal with in-laws and likes Maureen on her capabilities to handle internal family affairs.

His first wife Cerah has three children while Maureen has one and the two have been living together for two years.