Mulamwah’s Exgirlfriend Carol Sonnie Denies Dating a ‘Mubaba’

08th Aug 2022

Shortly after Mulamwah exposed his baby mama Carol Sonnie for dating an older man, the mother of one has denied the claims saying the man is a pastor and a good friend of hers.

Carol Sonnie added that she had asked Mulamwah to meet up with the pastor in an attempt to work things out and find a way to raise their daughter Keila.

The man of God was supposed to act as a mediator since he has been so supportive of Sonnie since their breakup. She had intended to work things out for the sake of their daughter who the comedian has not been supporting.

"Whoever was posted his name is pastor Eric Bingez. He's a pastor of mine, he's a friend of mine. He's a counsellor, I would stay together with his beautiful wife, they are my friend."

Speaking On Instagram live, she added that she knows what's right and wrong and she has principles.

Giving her side of the story concerning what led to their breakup, Carol Sonnie said Mulamwah was violent and he physically assaulted her to a point of miscarrying her first pregnancy.

She disclosed that she has never come out to give her story since she lives in constant fear from the threats she has been receiving from her baby daddy.