Nigerian Singer Tems Opens Up On Struggling with Poverty

23rd Sep 2022

Nigerian afrobeat star Temilade Openiyi well known as Tems has opened up on her struggles with poverty and the hard life she has endured to get where she is.

Speaking during an interview with British GQ, Tems narrated how intense her situation was to a point she had to steal food inorder to survive.

" There were times I was not just broke, I was broke and helpless. I used to steal food, there are times I would go to my aunt's house so she could give me food to take home."

Tems recalled having no self esteem to a point she didn't believe she was beautiful or had a good voice. She however made up her mind to take any chance she has to and make the best out of it.

"I didn't even think of my voice as anything I just thought there are so many people that can sing, I am not a model I don't dance but whatever chance I have I'll take it. Even if I end up singing under a bridge somewhere, I will be the best under the bridge singer ever," she said.

The 27 year old is grateful that the person she was does not exist anymore and all that is left are the memories and strength it took for her to succeed.