Octopizzo Says Professor George Wajackoyah is the Only Presidential Candidate With a Practical Manifesto

03rd Aug 2022

Kenyan hip hop artist Octopizzo has declared his support for roots party presidential candidate professor George Wajackoyah saying he is the only aspirant with a practical manifesto.

Speaking during citizen TV Twitter session, Octopizzo said the roots party manifesto resonates with the youth and his ideas are a solution on creating jobs and generating an income for the country.

"I haven’t heard the best manifesto apart from Wajackoyah, and I’m saying Wajackoyah not to be sarcastic but because I think for the first time in so many years of listening to politicians campaigning, his manifesto was about economics. Everything was about ‘if we do this, we will make this money. If we do this, we will pay this…’ Before it’s just been tribal, or ‘this person is bad, I’m better than this. I’m not corrupt…’”

Octopizzo added that the Manifesto of planting marijuana for exports as well as snakes is a better guarantee that the youths will get jobs and a better income rather than the manifestos proposed by other candidates who are promising jobs without guaranteeing how they will happen.