Two Kenyans Charged With Healthcare Fraud of Ksh 12 Billion in the US

19th Sep 2022

A 42 year old Waruru, who is a A Kenyan nurse living in the United States pleaded guilty in a federal court in Boston in connection with a Sh12 billion ($100 million) home health care fraud scheme.

Among the four charges were conspiracy to commit health care fraud, aiding and abetting fraud, giving and receiving kickbacks and making false statements. Which she pleaded guilty to.

Waruru was charged along with co-defendant Faith Newton in February 2021. Faith Newton however pleaded not guilty before the court on 8th September 2022.

The two allegedly engaged in a conspiracy to use the company, Arbor Homecare Services LLC to defraud MassHealth and Medicare of at least Sh12 billion by committing health care fraud and paying kickbacks to induce referrals.

They also allegedly entered sham employment relationships with patients’ family members to provide home health aide services that were not medically necessary and routinely billed for fictitious visits that did not occur.

The suspects were accused of targeting particularly vulnerable patients with low incomes, on disability and/or suffering from depression and/or addiction.

Waruru is set to be sentenced by Senior District Court Judge George A. O’Toole on January 12, 2023. While Faith Newton is innocent until proven guilty.