Valdir Segato, Brazilian Hulk Who Injected His Body With Oil to Create Biceps Dies at 55

03rd Aug 2022

Valdir Segato who gained alot of popularity after injecting his body with oil to produce massive biceps has died on his 55th birthday.

The Brazilian Hulk had been using the synthol injections for years to achieve his massive physique despite warning from doctors. His biceps blew up to 23 inches after he started injecting himself. He had come to be known as “the monster” on the streets and was proud of his title.

Sources reveal that he complained of shortness of breath at his home in Ribeirao Preto, southeast Brazil before he was rushed to the hospital.

His addiction to deadly synthol injections led the bodybuilder to ignore repeated warnings over their risk of strokes, blocking of arteries and infections and it's unfortunate he died of a heart attack at the hospital's reception.

Valdir Segato's neighbor Moises said that this was not the first time Segato was hospitalised with shortness of breath.

The Brazilian Hulk who gained popularity by sharing his videos on social media had expressed his wish to get bigger even though the doctors were against it. Segato previously said his body inspirations were Arnold Schwarzenegger and fictional characters like the Hulk.