With the increasing cases of insecurity in the country, the members of the public have been taking justice in their own hands.

Angry mob have been dealing mercilessly with suspects in an attempt to teach them a lesson for reaping where they didn't sow.

According to reports provided, in the past one week, 15 suspects have lost their lives in the hands of the mob.

All victims are male. Four of the victims were burnt to death while others were either stoned to death beaten or attacked using crude weapons.

The mob who answer distressed calls attack without questioning. Increase in cases of crime and lack of faith in the police and judicial system to properly process suspected criminals contribute to mob killings according to information provided by security experts.

Investigations into such attacks, however, show that very few cases of mob violence led to investigations or arrests, with even fewer resulting in convictions.

Over 30 suspects from all over the country have also sustained serious injuries caused by angry mob in the past one week.