Detectives from the homicide department are now considering whether the 23-year-old Jeff Mwathi may have fallen from the rooftop.

The team that visited DJ Fatxo's apartment yesterday said the window where Mwathi is believed to have jumped from had grills making it impossible for an adult to jump through.

it was revealed that the building's CCTV footage did also not reveal which point of the building Mwathi fell from. The video only captured his body in the air before landing on the ground. 

They are however pursuing both leads as they seek to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of Jeff.

DCI detectives visited the DJ's house and also recreated the scene on the ground floor where the body of the interior designer was found. 

Yesterday, interior CS Kithure Kindiki ordered the DCI to Take Over investigations into the death of Jeff Mwathi from Kasarani police station.