Prime cabinet secretary Musalia Mudavadi did not hold up the Bible today during his swearing in as per the customs since his Quackers beliefs does not hold the Bible as a symbol of authority but believe in the scriptures.

Mudavadi did not lift the Holy book as a sign of pledging allegiance to the constitution and serving with diligence since according to his denomination beliefs, one can experience God without the need of a Priest or a Bible.

Quackers, belong to a protestant Christian denomination where members believe in direct access to God.

Members of Quackers church pledge allegiance to truth and faithfulness and do not view the Bible as a source of authority.

Although they read the Bible and go to church, the believe that religion is something a person lives and acts out everyday. Instead of swearing using the Bible, the members affirm the words spoken by  raising their hands to heavens.

Musalia Mudavadi had earlier confessed to being of Quackers faith in a tweet, where he added that he would use the values of simplicity, peace, togetherness and equality which he learnt in his Faith to hold together the nation.