Embakasi East Member of Parliament Hon Babu Owino has received praises from his constituents after constructing 20 door modern toilets for girls, boys and people with disabilities at Mihang'o Secondary School.

"We have constructed a 20 Door modern toilet for boys,girls and persons with disabilities at MIHANG’O SECONDARY SCHOOL,Embakasi East Republic.Our students were using pit latrines in dilapidated state before. I use a toilet to flush out all bad and unwanted things every morning, I flush out stress,bad experiences,negative thoughts and doubts.Nitawachosha na kazi."

The MP shared photos of the pit latrines the students were using before and the new toilets with modern finishes.

Below are some comments from his followers on Instagram:

"Awwww watu wa Embakasi east you guys are blessed to have he.babuowino as your leader looking good mweshimiwa."

"Wow that's a wonderful job bro keep it going 🔥🔥🔥Babu tuko na Imani na wewe we are sure tutaenda mbali sana."

"I wish everyone could work as hard as you do Babu good job 👏."

"Ur a balanced leader..politics umeiva..development kabisa pia."

Early this year, the MP finished the renovation of Utawala Academy, a public school in Embakasi constituency.

He fixed modern tiles, new ceiling boards, paintwork, new glass windows and roofing. The work was done in 31 classrooms in the school making it brand new.