Comedian Arap Uria who is well know as Kenyan Peter Drury has landed a lucrative deal that will enable him to travel to Qatar for the world cup.

The comedian gained fame and recognition for imitating popular sports commentator Peter Drury.

The comedian has landed a deal with supersport for a campaign aimed at creating memorable moments for fans watching the world cup.

Arap Uria will be engaging in a campaign where fans will be lip-syncing world cup commentary on TikTok.

In Qatar, the comedian hopes to meet his role model Peter Drury who is also there for the world cup.

Early this year the two had a phone conversation where Peter Drury expressed his interest in meeting the comedian.

"I do love your work and I do hope one day we'll get to meet each other face-to-face and you can teach me how to commentate," said Drury.