Popular Kikuyu Gospel Musician Mirugi Dishon is on the spot after a Nakuru based Pastor, Elizabeth Githingi Died in his house under Unclear Circumstances.

The deceased preacher, Pastor Elizabeth, visited the singer at his residence in Maziwa area, Kahawa West in Kasarani Sub-County on Saturday.

According to a police report, Dishon left Pastor Elizabeth cleaning the house and headed to Thika Road. Along the way, he tried to reach out to her but she was not responding. 

He rushed back to the house and reportedly found her hanging from the frame of his wardrobe. He untied the knot of the bedsheet and put the body in his car.

The musician rushed to Jacaranda maternity hospital but the doctors refused to take the body and advised him to report to the police.

The police officers at the Kasarani Police Station and two other stations did not also take the remains, and they told him he should have called them when he found the body to avoid tampering with evidence.

Dishon is said to have driven around with the body of the deceased pastor for hours.The singer  took the body to KU hospital mortuary later in the evening.

The musician said the deceased was his ex lover.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing.