Bishop Alan Kiuna of Jubilee Chrisitian Church (JCC) is dead.

Bishop Allan, husband to Kathy Kiuna has died after long battle with cancer.

The bishop opened up on his battle with Multiple Myeloma  cancer in 2018.

Through a series of tweets, Kiuna was thankful to God for seeing him through the difficult phase.

In 2022, For nearly a year, the inspirational Bishop battled cancer in the US.

The resilient bishop fought valiantly and returned home victorious and cancer-free.  

During the Thanksgiving ceremony in December 2023, Bishop Kiuna disclosed that the cost of his treatment exceeded $3 million, totaling over Sh459,900,000.

He emphasized that the entire sum was divinely provided, and he did not have to dip into his own pockets.

“For the one year that I was in the US, my treatment cost $3 million, and I didn’t remove one coin from my pocket because the God of heaven provided. I did not call anyone,” he exclaimed amid cheers from the congregation.

Bishop Allan Kiuna’s journey is a classic “from grass to grace” story. Born and raised in a slum, he overcame numerous challenges to become a prominent voice of integrity and leadership in Kenya.

He wass deeply committed to transforming lives through the teachings of God’s word. He was also a prolific author.

He leaves behind his wife, Cathy Kiuna, and their three children: Vanessa, Jeremy, and Stephanie.

Condolences to the family and may his soul rest in peace.