Athiak Dau Riak, a 19-year-old girl from South Sudan, has become an internet sensation due to her towering height of 7 feet.

 Her marriage has become a hot topic, with two men competing for her .

Athiak finds herself at the centre of stiff competition between two wealthy men, Marial Garang Jiel and Chol Marol Deng.

One man has offered 105 cows and 65 million South Sudanese pounds ($20,000), while the other man's dowry is yet to be disclosed, but rumors suggest it could be 350 cows or more, along with a Toyota V6 and a four-bedroom house for Athiak's family.

The final decision is anticipated to be made at a cattle camp in Jonglei State, where the negotiation process will culminate.

In the Dinka culture, marriage is not solely based on dating, but also on the character and family background of both individuals. Once everything is deemed suitable, families will come together to discuss the union. If the girl is deemed beautiful, multiple suitors may emerge to compete for her.

Kuol Bol Ayom, a respected cultural expert, emphasized that such marriage competitions are deeply rooted in Dinka Bor customs. Kuol said the customs not only signify the beauty, stature, and virtues of the bride but also the prestige and integrity of the families involved.